Celebrating 20 years of

Award-Winning Social-Emotional Learning and Classroom Management

Watch our story unfold to learn more about our 20 year journey.

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Evidence-based Social and Emotional Learning

The methodology of Conscious Disciplie is based in scientific and developmental research. It is recognized by SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

Conscious Discipline creates a compassionate culture and facilitates an intentional shift in adult understanding of behavior via the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model. It then provides specific brain-friendly, research-backed strategies for responding to each child's individual needs with wisdom. This highly effective approach is proven to increase self-regulation, sense of safety, connection, empathy and intrinsic motivation in both children and adults.


1,300,000+ copies of Dr. Bailey's best-selling books are in circulation worldwide


Conscious Discipline is practiced in 36 countries

Conscious Discipline resources are translated into 22 languages


Our team has grown to include:

  • 12

    Master Instructors

  • 55

    Certified Instructors

  • 32



Our training has equipped:

  • 3M

    Educators and caregivers

  • 32,100

    Conferences and workshops

  • 15.8M

    Children ultimately impacted


Over the last 20 years, Dr. Bailey has worn through:

  • ...

    24M Frequent Flyer Miles

  • ...

    22 Suitcases

  • ...

    10 Laptops

  • ...

    8 Projectors

  • ...

    3 Hairstyles


Conscious Discipline has been implemented by approximately:

  • 850

    School Districts

  • 156,000

    School Administrators

  • 560,291


  • 10k

    Head Start Programs


Our nonprofit organization, Conscious Discipline Cares, has equipped many educators, caregivers and communities along the way, including:

  • ...

    Francis Bailey Scholarship

    Funding professional development for under-resourced educators.

  • ...

    Sri Lanka

    Post-tsunami trauma training to aid recovery for schools and communities.

  • ...

    Sandy Hook

    Helping an elementary school heal from the trauma of a mass shooting.

  • ...

    Kamp Joy

    Creating safe, connected play space for communities affected by Hurricane Katrina.

  • ...

    Saving Brains Grenada

    Reducing corporal punishment and increasing brain-building bonds.

  • ...

    Caring and Investing

    We are dedicated to improving children's lives for generations.


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