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Master Instructors (CDMIs)

Master Instructors (CDMIs) are trained, certified and hand selected by Dr. Bailey to present the principles of Conscious Discipline to teachers, administrators, childcare professionals, Head Start professionals, school districts (large and small), parents and community groups. Each possess unique qualifications to meet your individual needs.

You may choose a CDMI from the list below and begin the hiring process. If you would like us to match you with a CDMI for your particular need, contact our Professional Development Team, who will match you with the perfect Associate.

More from Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Becky BaileyFor over thirty years, I have fine-tuned the skills and perceptions needed to deal with any discipline situation. I travel the world with this message of hope, transforming educators and parents who are yearning for a better way, a more conscious way to discipline children and themselves. This process is Conscious Discipline; it is a life-changing approach that transforms conflict between individuals into cooperation.

As Conscious Discipline spreads globally and the demand for this life-changing material increases, I have gathered a cadre of individuals who embrace Conscious Discipline both personally and professionally. I am pleased to present professionals who are an extension of my work. These “Loving Guidance Associates” are gifted educators who I work with to ensure the message and the quality of Conscious Discipline in every presentation, which I guarantee 100%. Each Associate is a highly-trained professional speaker experienced in keynotes, conferences, workshops and other events. I invite you to read more about each of the Loving Guidance Associates. Please know these talented individuals can also custom-tailor a program just for your needs.

To schedule an inspiring and informative event, please contact our Professional Development Team. If you are ready to request an Associate for an event, please fill out the Hire an Associate form.

Wishing you well,

Dr. Becky Bailey

Meet Your Passionate Conscious Discipline Presenters!

This dynamic group possesses years of experience and success working with the most difficult to reach children. Conscious Discipline offers a 100% quality guarantee on all Associates’ presentations booked through our office.


This is the second time I have attended a Conscious Discipline workshop – each time my eyes are opened, my heart is opened, and healing occurs! Being given positive tools to affect my children and family is priceless – to be one who works with families and cause/stimulate positive change is truly a gift I treasure! Thank you!

Janet Colson
Garden City, KS

I want to thank your Loving Guidance Associate for her outstanding presentations at our Back-to-School Teacher Orientation and New Parent Orientation. Her presentations are excellent and so pertinent for each audience. The information presented was energetic and in a creative manner and gave us so much to think about. Her commitment to teaching and raising emotionally healthy children is critical in today’s world.

Addie Unterlack
Director, D'nai Aviv Early Childhood Center

My parenting skills changed dramatically after attending a Conscious Discipline session. In a few hours I learned techniques that I will use for years with both my children. As a childcare provider, child educator, speaker, and parent, she could connect to everyone in the room. She is dynamic, interesting, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable. She truly understands the challenges of parenting!

Melody Parry
President, OutFront Communications LLC

Conscious Discipline is just that: It is being aware of how you discipline children. First, I learned how to discipline myself and then I learned how to transfer that knowledge to children. I learned skills – clear specific methods to deal with classroom situations. I’m still learning new techniques and acquiring new beliefs, but with your Loving Guidance Associate’s guidance and examples I am working toward peace of mind.

Liz Savedes
ESOL, K-5th Grade

Your Loving Guidance Associate has worked with our Head Start program for the last two years. She is an excellent trainer, very energetic and enthusiastic. She is hands on and has worked with the staff from the very beginning to ensure that the Conscious Discipline philosophy is implemented and carried out throughout our program. She is wonderful to work with. Our teachers always get great information and new ideas during your Associate visits! We love her!

Kelly Russell
Head Start
Champaign, IL

West Boulevard is where children stand tall, grow strong, and show love. It wasn’t always this way. Your Associate helped us to create a School Family rooted in empathy and understanding. With her passion, deep knowledge, and humor, she continues to be our instructor, our mentor and our friend.

Peter Stiepleman
Ed.D. Principal, West Boulevard Elementary School
Columbia, MO

Your Loving Guidance Associate is wonderful! I’ve been going to in-services for 12 years and can honestly say that this has been the best, most informative yet. I want to use Conscious Discipline both at school and at home.

Lori K. Purdum
Parent & Teacher
Barksdale AFB, LA

I had the privilege to attend teaching and parenting classes with your Loving Guidance Associate. My new skills have blessed me with children who take more responsibility in solving their own anger problems in a more peaceful, helpful way. The techniques incorporate the reality that children want to do their best, but don’t necessarily have the skills to handle difficult situations. It is amazing how quickly the children catch on!

Michelle Whanger
Parent & 2nd Grade Teacher

Your Loving Guidance Associate is an excellent teacher, and her sense of humor and wealth of information made it more than worthwhile to be up early on a Saturday morning. Wish it had lasted ‘til 5pm.

Kathy Lamm
Fruitland Park, FL

Your Associate is an amazing speaker who has made a great impact upon our family. As a physician, I have been asked on occasion to organize public education forums. She is at the top of my A-list for public speakers in the parenting arena. Her ability to think on her feet, play act and empathize makes her a wonderful counselor and teacher whether it be on a one-to-one basis or a one to one thousand auditorium situation.

John Li, M.D.

Superb! Awesome energy from your Associate. I came away with many wonderful ideas to start using in the classroom - Immediately!

Carol Coleman
Virginia Beach, VA
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