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Deepen your organization’s knowledge of Conscious Discipline by hosting a keynote, a multi-day event or a week-long Conscious Discipline Institute (CD1) for your staff or district. These events offer incomparable benefits in terms of skill-building, unity, engagement and practical strategies. Choose from two options:

Keynotes and Multi-Day Events with Our Master Certified Instructors

Quality instruction plus engagement equals meaningful learning! Your organization will experience these key elements and more when it brings a Master Certified Instructor on-site for a keynote or multi-day training.

Keynotes are an effective way to introduce your organization to Conscious Discipline or reinvigorate the commitment of those already applying Conscious Discipline. Multi-day events make a powerful impact on both understanding and application of Conscious Discipline. Attendees leave these events empowered with immediately-usable strategies, energized by a new perspective, unified as a team and excited to apply what they’ve learned. Our events are custom-tailored to meet your needs.

The Master Certified Instructors who conduct these compelling events are hand-selected, trained and certified by Dr. Bailey. Choose your Associate and begin the hiring process, or contact our Professional Development Team for assistance in choosing an Associate who is the perfect match for your organization.

More from Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Becky BaileyFor over thirty years, I have fine-tuned the skills and perceptions needed to deal with any discipline situation. I travel the world with this message of hope, transforming educators and parents who are yearning for a better way, a more conscious way to discipline children and themselves. This process is Conscious Discipline; it is a life-changing approach that transforms conflict between individuals into cooperation.

As Conscious Discipline spreads globally and the demand for this life-changing material increases, I have gathered a cadre of individuals who embrace Conscious Discipline both personally and professionally. I am pleased to present professionals who are an extension of my work. These “Master Certified Instructors” are gifted educators who I work with to ensure the message and the quality of Conscious Discipline in every presentation, which I guarantee 100%. Each Associate is a highly-trained professional speaker experienced in keynotes, conferences, workshops and other events. I invite you to read more about each of the Master Certified Instructors. Please know these talented individuals can also custom-tailor a program just for your needs.

To schedule an inspiring and informative event, please contact Ali Oliver with the Loving Guidance Professional Development Group at 800.842.2846 x 219. If you are ready to request an Associate for an event, please fill out the Hire an Associate form.

Wishing you well,

Dr. Becky Bailey

On-site Conscious Discipline Institute with Dr. Becky Bailey

Those who have attended the Conscious Discipline Institute with Dr. Becky Bailey know it is life-changing and powerful in a way other trainings can only aspire to. Once offered just to those who were able to travel to Florida, you can now bring this highly sought-after event to your doorstep!

The Institute is a premium event that combines quality instruction with a uniquely immersive experience; we literally create a School Family classroom environment with all the structures of Conscious Discipline, and then utilize that classroom to teach the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline.

Based on brain research and developmentally appropriate practices, the Institute provides inspiration, proven discipline strategies and camaraderie that will promote lasting changes that echo through your organization for years. Begin the process of organizing a Conscious Discipline Institute with Dr. Bailey by contacting our Professional Development Team.

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