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    Oops *Store Edition*

    Store changes and corrections.

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    Data / Report Request

    Request a Registration Reports and Event Applications

Professional Development

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    Add a New Event

    Add a NEW Institute, Satellite, Workshop, Local or Industry Conference.

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    Update an Existing Event

    Change an EXISTING Institute, Satellite, Workshop, Local or Industry Conference.

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    Add / Update an Instructor Profile

    Submit a NEW Profile or change an EXISTING Profile.

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    Instructor Request Form

    Initiate a Contract

Resources & E-Learning

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    Add a New Podcast

    Submit a new podcast to be added to the website.

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    Add a New Webinar

    Submit a new webinar to be published on website.

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    Add a New Video

    Add a new video to the video gallery.

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    Submit an Article

    Submit an article for review / publishing on the website.

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    Add/Update a Resource

    Add or Update a Free or Premium Resource on the website.

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    Online Resources Supporting a Product

    Add or update content supporting a specific CD Product (ex. Book Portal, Shubert's School, CD Perks, Parent Education, etc.).

PR & Communications

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    New Media Coverage

    Add new media coverage to the media page.

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    New Research

    Add new research to the research page.

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    Honors + Awards

    Add a new honor or award to the website.

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    Celebrations & Big Wins

    Help us celebrate and showcase big wins by your clients.

Quick Links

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    Website change and correction.

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    Contact Us

    Send customer care as general email about an event, product, or spotted error.

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    Request a Catalog

    To get your very own copy of our Conscious Discipline products.

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    Email Signup

    Receive free resources, event and product news from Conscious Discipline.

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    Share your Conscious Discipline Story

    Invite clients and customers to share their CD story with us.

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    E-Course Site License Coaching Request

    Request one of three packages available to Site License purchasers.

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