Navigating Lockdowns How to Reduce Anxiety and Restore Safety

Navigating Lockdowns: How to Reduce Anxiety and Restore Safety

This article outlines a series of steps to complete before, during and after lockdowns to minimize anxiety and trauma. The Navigating Lockdowns series also contains shorter articles with key...

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Saving Brains Grenada

Conscious Discipline Reducing Corporal Punishment, Improving Child Cognition in Grenada

In Grenada, a Caribbean island nation of 110,000 people, corporal punishment is widespread. Harsh child-rearing and excessive corporal punishment hinder the development of executive functions associated with academic and...

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dad reading with daughter

Teaching Missing Skills: The Power of Social Stories

“If your child keeps on hitting his classmates, he will get a referral and as a consequence can be suspended. Please talk to him so that he stops the...

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Teacher with kids at the table

Teach Social Skills with Academics for Optimal Learning (Lesson Included)

To transform our classrooms into optimal learning environments, we must teach more than academic skills. It’s vital to teach social skills to our students as well. If you’re thinking...

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Managing "Scared" at the Start of School: How Parents and Teachers Can Help

Managing “Scared” at the Start of School: How Parents and Teachers Can Help

The start of school can be scary for students, parents and staff. How do we manage this powerful feeling of scared? Understanding this feeling is important as we adjust...

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Emotions on chalkboard

How Do Children Develop Emotional Health?

By Karen Hickman If I pass you on the street and ask, “How are you,” what might be your likely response? “Fine,” “good,” and “okay” are common. If you...

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Kids Playing Doctor

Put a Doctor’s Kit on Your Gift List

Gift lists are endless, filled with this gadget and that “must-have” toy. If you’re looking for something to fill out your gift list, here is an unlikely solution I...

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Safety (Self-Regulation): Papers Supporting Conscious Discipline’s Framework

Research Supporting the Effects of Self-Regulation (Safety) These articles explore the relationship between social and emotional learning and academic success, showing that child self-regulation and academic achievement are positively...

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