Little girl at the dinner table

How to Use Conscious Discipline Skills During Meal Times

Before having children, I envisioned nightly family meals around a lovely dinner table with adorable children. The scene in my head was somewhere between a Norman Rockwell painting and...

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Happy Family

Happiness is a Choice YOU Make

“Happiness is a choice,” is a message touted by many schools of positive thought. As a parent, who is sometimes desperate to feel happy especially when bills are due,...

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Cheering Crowd

Teach and Parent Like An Olympian

Every four years in February, the world comes together to cheer and be inspired by the winter athletes who’ve made it to the ultimate global stage. We shout for...

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Parenting with Conscious Discipline

Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Ginny Luther Episode Summary Some days, even the best parents feel at a loss for how to...

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Webinar: Parent Cliffnotes

Parent CliffsNotes for the Skills of Conscious Discipline

Webinar: Parent CliffsNotes for the Skills of Conscious Discipline Whether you are new to Conscious Discipline or returning to continue growing your skills, this session is sure to inspire...

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Mom Tricycle

CD for Parents: It’s Your Choice – Love or Fear

Do you ever wonder why you do certain things, like why do you reward yourself with a piece of cake or a new pair of shoes for being a...

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CD for Parents: Stop Hijacking Natural Consequences

This is a confession! Yep, I hijacked a natural consequence. It’s reported that confession is good for the soul. Just maybe it will be good for someone else also....

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CD for Parents: Help! My Spouse and I Are Not On the Same Page

CD for Parents: Help! My Spouse and I Are Not On the Same Page

“I am trying to apply the principles I have learned from Conscious Discipline to my parenting practices and impart the same tools to my children. The problem is that...

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Parenting Flour Fight

CD for Parents: Help – My Kids are Wild Around Others!

“When I am one-on-one with my kids at home, I feel like things are going smoothly, but when they get around other kids, who may not have the same...

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