Self-Regulation Success with Rhythm and CARE

Self-Regulation Success with Rhythm and C.A.R.E.  There are plenty of noises one would expect to hear coming out of an I.S.S. (In-School-Suspension) room in an elementary school; a communal...

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Wishing Well at Testing Time

We’re all in this together! A testing ritual that unifies and heals Across the nation the spring season ushers in warm weather, signs of the academic year ending and…...

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Man helping boy with homework

The Power of Yet

I was recently visiting the classroom of a high school math teacher with a marvelous bulletin board conveying a powerful message. (She was quick to tell me that it...

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Kids holding hand walking down the hall

Teaching Disappointment and Experiencing the Unthinkable!

Today, I entered a classroom to coach. I’ve been coaching and teaching skills in this Head Start classroom of four-year-olds for over a year! It’s typical to coach children...

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Little girl at the dinner table

How to Use Conscious Discipline Skills During Meal Times

Before having children, I envisioned nightly family meals around a lovely dinner table with adorable children. The scene in my head was somewhere between a Norman Rockwell painting and...

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Happy Family

Happiness is a Choice YOU Make

“Happiness is a choice,” is a message touted by many schools of positive thought. As a parent, who is sometimes desperate to feel happy especially when bills are due,...

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