Father with Son

Conscious Discipline Consequences: FAQs and Common Scenarios

This is Part Three of a three-part series on Conscious Discipline consequences. If you missed it, catch up on Part One and Part Two. In Part One of this series,...

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The Three Types of Consequences and How to Give Them

This is Part Two of a three-part series on Conscious Discipline consequences. You can read Part One here and Part Three here.  In Part One of our consequences series,...

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Boy stealing candy

Why Conscious Discipline Consequences Work and Punishments Don’t (And How to Give Effective Consequences)

This is Part One of a three-part series on Conscious Discipline consequences. Read Part Two and Part Three for more information on effective consequences. Conscious Discipline offers solutions for...

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CD for Parents: Teaching Children How to Follow Directions

Teaching children how to follow directions can be a frustrating endeavor. One reason is that we rarely break directions into a simple step-by-step process. Often, we rattle off directions...

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CD for Parents: Stop Hijacking Natural Consequences

This is a confession! Yep, I hijacked a natural consequence. It’s reported that confession is good for the soul. Just maybe it will be good for someone else also....

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CD for Parents: Consequences Are My Friend!

Consequences were not my friend for most of my life, not for me, not for my children. Consequences eluded me most of the time that my children were growing...

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