Ending the Generational Cycle of Homelessness with Conscious Discipline

“It only takes one invested adult to change the entire trajectory of a child’s life.” Vine Maple Place holds this phrase as the cornerstone of their mission and has...

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Self-Regulation Success with Rhythm and CARE

Self-Regulation Success with Rhythm and C.A.R.E.  There are plenty of noises one would expect to hear coming out of an I.S.S. (In-School-Suspension) room in an elementary school; a communal...

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Wishing Well at Testing Time

We’re all in this together! A testing ritual that unifies and heals Across the nation the spring season ushers in warm weather, signs of the academic year ending and…...

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Coaching Children Through Upset: Lessons from a Purple Crayon

Conscious Discipline is a lifelong practice and an ongoing journey. I’ve been a Certified Instructor for a decade, and I’m still learning valuable lessons about myself and my interactions...

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Principal with Students

Including Discussion of Behavior Intervention Strategies in the PLC Agenda

Effective schools create safe, engaging learning environments through high standards and clear expectations for students and teachers. The teaching and learning process is the core of the school, and...

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Mom Helping with Kids Homework

Taming the Homework Giant: Tips for Helping Your Children Do Their Best!

The new school year is starting, and that means it’s time for a task that’s dreaded by students and parents alike: homework. If your house is anything like mine,...

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Frustrated Mom and Child

Communicating with Kids = Hearing Things Differently

“Mommy, Mommy!” shouts your child as you are trying to finish up a phone conversation. “Wait just a moment,” you say in an agitated voice. “NO mommy, really, look!”...

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