Ending the Generational Cycle of Homelessness with Conscious Discipline

“It only takes one invested adult to change the entire trajectory of a child’s life.” Vine Maple Place holds this phrase as the cornerstone of their mission and has...

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Playing with building blocks

The Power of Connection with Children

Safety and connection integrate the brain and allow us to access our brilliance. For many parents, providing safety comes naturally. Connection with children, however, is something we sometimes forget...

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Walking to school

El Proceso de Adaptación al Jardín

El proceso de adaptación al jardín es un proceso difícil tanto para los niños como para los padres. Los niños nacen pensando que ellos son uno solo con la...

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Baby room

Lugar Seguro Para Bebés (0 a 3 años)

El Lugar Seguro para aun bebé empieza siendo un adulto y a medida que el niño va teniendo independencia y creciendo se vuelve un lugar. El lugar seguro es...

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Mon and Daughter

Gracias Mamá Consciente

¡Hola! Me llamo María y tengo cinco años.  Cuando nací mi cerebro estaba preparado para protegerme y por suerte también lo estaban mis padres.  Mi tallo cerebral estaba listo...

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Mom Tricycle

CD for Parents: It’s Your Choice – Love or Fear

Do you ever wonder why you do certain things, like why do you reward yourself with a piece of cake or a new pair of shoes for being a...

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CD for Parents: Stop Hijacking Natural Consequences

This is a confession! Yep, I hijacked a natural consequence. It’s reported that confession is good for the soul. Just maybe it will be good for someone else also....

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CD for Parents: Consequences Are My Friend!

Consequences were not my friend for most of my life, not for me, not for my children. Consequences eluded me most of the time that my children were growing...

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CD for Parents: How Do I Respond When Other Children Are Being Mean to Mine?

“Sometimes when we are around family members or friends who do not have consistent behavior expectations for their children, their child has a tendency to be mean to my...

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