A Music Album By The Feeling Buddies

Start your children on the path to success with healthy self-regulatory language like “I can handle this” and “Anger says calm down and change” set to the musical stylings of Mr. AL and friends. Includes 29 songs appropriate for all ages.


More Music from Conscious Discipline

It Starts in the Heart

Based on character education activities, these engaging songs by Dr. Becky Bailey and Jack Hartmann build on the principles of Conscious Discipline.


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Brain Boogie Boosters

Improve attention span, disengage stress, and enhance impulse control.


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Listen to Your Feelings

Why just sing-along when you can learn-along? Manage your emotions with delightful songs that teach.


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Kindness Counts

This CD helps children experience the language and skills needed to successfully solve problems in everyday life.


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Songs for I Love You Rituals Vol. 1

A perfect companion to the best-selling I Love You Rituals book by Dr. Becky Bailey, Mar Harman sings 29 delightful rituals to connect, build trust and create a loving environment.


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Songs for I Love You Rituals Vol. 2

A follow-up to the successful Vol. 1, Mar Harman sets 23 more of Dr. Becky Bailey’s I Love You Rituals to music. Use alone or with the book to foster loving connections and optimal brain development.


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