We Will Remember You- A Teacher-Made Book

We Will Remember You: A Teacher-Made Book

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We Will Remember You: A Teacher-Made Book

Every end of the year is a time of transition for students. Meaningful end-of-year rituals are essential for helping students feel a sense of connection, celebration, remembrance and closure this year. The We Will Remember You teacher-made book provides a simple template to memorialize the year by sharing images and remembrances in book-form. The template includes pages to share group memories, and an individual page to create for each student. The finished books will include an individual page for all classmates. This individual page can be completed by students about themselves as a language arts exercise or you can complete this page for students by sharing the student’s contributions to the class over the course of the year. The template is versatile so you can include as many or as few pages as you wish; the inclusion of one personalized page per student is the only essential component. When your book is complete, you can scan the completed book and email it to students, or you can bind the pages together as a physical book to mail or deliver to students as part of your year-end ritual. Learn more about how to create meaningful end of year rituals in the webinar titled End of Year Rituals to Honor, Celebrate and Heal.


  • All Ages

Helps with

  • Connection, celebration, appreciation
  • Building a School Family


  • End-of-year celebrations


  • Full color book template


  • Printed template with one “student” page for each student and the group pages of your choosing
  • Scissors and glue stick
  • Book-binding materials (stapler, hole punch and yarn, folder or spiral binding) OR a scanner and email access
  • One 3x2 photo of each child and each teacher the students interact with regularly
  • Two 5x7-inch class photos (a photo of the school or classroom can be substituted for one of these photos)
  • Various group photos (optional)
  • Printout of class song or chant (optional)

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