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School Family Songs and Chants

The transition from home to school can be difficult for students (and teachers). School Family songs/chants help calm and unify the class, preparing all members for a day of joyful learning.

Conscious Discipline Wish Well song (Karen H)

Every morning we take our attendance using our 'Wish Well' board and sing "We wish you well" to any students who are absent, with the explanation that we will hold them in our hearts until they return....
(Tune: Farmer in the Dell)

We wish you well,
We wish you well,
All through the day today,
We wish you well!

Then, we look around at each other as a school family and sing to each other so we will have a great day, too:

I wish you well,
I wish you well,
All through the day today,
I wish you well!

Happy House (Debbie G)

The name of my family child care home is "Happy House." We do this cheer at our Morning Meeting every day. I made it up on the way home from my first two-day Conscious Discipline session with Becky in Indianapolis in 2002. We begin by sitting, clapping our knees in rhythm.

We're Happy House Kids
We're Happy House Kids
We're Happy House Kids
We play and learn together
We're Happy House Kids
We keep each other safe (cross hands over chest)
We're Happy House Kids
A helpful, caring family (make sign language "f"—thumb and index fingers forming circle--then both hands forming circle, pinky fingers touching...the sign for "family")
We're Happy House Kids, at Happy House, Happy House, Happy House, YEAAA
(Right before the "YEAAA" everyone stands up, puts their hands on top of each other's hands, then raise them up a football team at the end of a huddle....and yell YEAAAAA)

We're a Star (Susan M)

My students made this one up themselves....

We're a star, we're a star!
We like ourselves for who we are!
We learn in school every day, using our brains along the way.
We're a family here at school, we help each other - we think it's cool!
We wish you well in every way and hope you have a beautiful day!

Dynamite Dinosaurs Chant (Tiffaney T)

Dynamite Dinosaurs is our name (clap stomp)
Helping others is our game
(link arms)
We will do our jobs at school
(thumbs up)
Cuz our School Family is really cool
(Back to back with a friend)
We know how to be a S.T.A.R.
(Smile, deep breath, relax)
Dynamite Dinosaurs give a roooaaar
(Nuckle tap with explosion noise)

Together Chant (Shannon M)

The more we get together, together, together.
The more we get together, the happier we'll be! 
For your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends.
The more we get together, the happier we'll be!

Bingo, Ring Ring and more (Crystal O)

School Family Song
(Tune: Bingo)
There is a class that
Has a (boy/girl)
In their School Family.
And that (boy’s/girl’s) name
Is __________,
In their School Family.
Jump, jump, jump__________.
Clap, clap, clap____________.
Hop, hop, hop_____________.
You’re in our School Family.

APPLE CATERPILLAR PUPPET: You’re the Apple of My Eye
(Tune: London Bridge)
You’re the apple of my eye, of my eye, of my eye.
You’re the apple of my eye. I love you! YEAH!
(Continue to include each child.)

BELLS: Ring, Ring
(Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Ring, ring hear the bells, who came to class today?
Ring, ring (Aliyah’s) here to learn and sing and play! YEAH!
(Continue around circle to include each child.)

SHAKERS: I’m So Glad that We’re Together
(Tune: The More We Get Together)
I’m so glad that we’re together, together, together!
I’m so glad that we’re together, together today!
There’s Graiden and Jaxsyn and Miko and Aliyah…
I’m so glad that we’re together, together today! YEAH!
(Continue to include each child’s name.)

MIRRORS: Where is Jeremy?
(Tune: Where is Thumbkin?)
Where is Jeremy? Where is Jeremy?
There he is, there he is.
Where’s our little Jeremy? There’s our little Jeremy!
There he is. There he is.
YEAH!!! Good morning Jeremy!
(Continue to include each child, celebrating their presence.)

Oh Golden Sun (Elizabeth D)

In our preschool classroom our greeting is done standing, holding hands. We say:

Oh golden sun so shiney bright,
please warm us with your golden light.
Let's all hold hands that there may flow a golden stream of warmth and glow.

Then the whole class touches their toes and moves their hands up their body, stretching up high and breathing.

At the end of the day we chant:

Merry have we met,merry have we been. 
Merry let us part and merry met again.

Spanish / Bilingual
Mi Escuelita (Nory P)

In Spanish:" Mi escuelita, mi escuelita Yo la quiero con Amor, porque en ella, porque en ella Yo aprendo mi leccion. Por la mañana muy temprano lo primero que yo hago es saludar a mi maestra y despues a mi trabajo!

"In Spanish:" Mi escuelita, my school I love it with love, because in it, because in it I learn my lesson. In the morning very early the first thing I do is say hello to my teacher and then my job!

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