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Progress Assessment Rubrics

The Conscious Discipline Rubrics are three documents designed to help you assess your understanding and application (fidelity) of Conscious Discipline in the classroom.

One rubric focuses on Conscious Discipline School Family Components, the other focuses on Conscious Discipline Skills. These rubrics also offer a way to increase learning and understanding by providing a concrete measure of what the next level of implementation looks like. There are two ways to use these rubrics:

  1. Self-assessment: You can use the rubrics as a self-check of your progress with Conscious Discipline. Begin by assessing yourself using the School Family Components Rubric, and only assess the components you are currently using. Use your results as a tool for growth: If you score a 2, look to the next level to see what implementation as a 3 looks like and then focus on achieving that level of fidelity. Complete a new assessment twice a year or whenever you feel you have experienced a shift in understanding/implementation. Once you have achieved 3s and 4s for most of the School Family Components Rubric, you are ready to add the Skills Rubric to your self-assessment process.
  2. Formal assessment: A formal assessment allows teachers and administrators to measure fidelity to Conscious Discipline in each classroom. This method of assessment is necessary if you intend to conduct any sort of research or results-tracking with Conscious Discipline. A formal assessment can be accomplished in three steps: 1. The administrator asks for willingness from the teachers involved with the research/study 2. The same person will conduct the rubric assessments to insure continuity in scoring 3. Every classroom involved in the research/study is assessed using both the School Family Components Rubric and the Skills Rubric.

Generally, when combined with academic and social-emotional data gathered separately, the results from a formal assessment will show a correlation between program fidelity and program effectiveness.


Conscious Discipline School Family Components Rubric

Download PDF (144 KB)

Conscious Discipline Skills Rubric

Download PDF (83 KB)

Administrator's Self-Evaluation Guide to Conscious Discipline Implementation

Download PDF (112 KB)
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