Preventing Power Struggles

Preventing Power Struggles – Part 2

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Preventing Power Struggles – Part 2

What happens when adults feel guilty after a power struggle with children? Do you have strategies for repairing the relationship once a power struggle has happened?

Permissiveness always follows guilt. We want children to take responsibility for their own upset and actions yet we as adults struggle with the very same thing. It’s critical we have strategies and practice owning our own upset to model for children how to do the same.

Join Dr. Becky Bailey for part 2 of Preventing Power Struggles and learn how to heal once they have happened and benefit from audience Q&A.

Total Runtime

  • 40 minutes 47 seconds

Time Stamps

  • :07 Review of step 5 to prevent power struggles
  • :45 How to heal once a power struggle has occurred
  • 1:31 Permissiveness always follows guilt
  • 2:50 Taking responsibility for the upset and talking with your child
  • 4:05 Creating a plan for future instances
  • 5:22 Provide opportunities for the child to feel powerful
  • 8:38 Hold regular family or class meetings
  • 9: 29 Reducing power struggles by 50% for younger children
  • 10:34 How to handle power struggles in group situations
  • 14:00 Story of child who had been expelled frequently
  • 16:25 Discipline is relationship specific
  • 18:54 Utilizing a safe place
  • 19:35 How to talk with children about changing your strategies at home
  • 22:51 Positive pre-play
  • 24:24 Responding to a child’s attitude
  • 28:55 Responding when siblings reject each other
  • 31:00 What to do when they are still kicking and crying in bed
  • 33:31 Supporting children who struggle with drop off at preschool/childcare
  • 37:18 Summary of preventing power struggles

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