Lugar Seguro Sensorial Posters

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Lugar Seguro Sensorial Posters

In Conscious Discipline, the Safe Place is designed to help children change their internal state from upset to calm. Equipping your Safe Place with supplies that meet a variety of sensory needs is essential to the structure’s success. Additionally, when children with special needs go to the Safe Place, adaptations can be very helpful. This poster set includes five signs addressing the senses of smell, sight, sound and touch, as well as helpful adaptations for children with special needs.


  • Adults

Helps With

  • Safe Place adaptations and sensory integration


  • Teachers
  • Childcare providers


  • Five 8.5x11” single-sided color printouts


  • Printed Lugar Seguro Sensorial Posters

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Examples of This Resource in Use

  • To learn more about the Safe Place, visit Shubert’s Classroom in Shubert’s School and click on the Safe Place. There, you’ll see photo and video examples of the Safe Place in action.