Elevate Breakout Session: District-Wide Transformational Planning

Breakout Session: District-Wide Transformational Planning

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Breakout Session: District-Wide Transformational Planning

Transformational change requires a new mindset, yet we also know that we can’t make people change. How do you honor the flexibility of a transformational process while providing enough structure to keep staff accountable, especially on a large scale? Join Certified Instructor Megan Duplain in this breakout session from the 2019 SEL Conference on district-wide transformational planning. Learn about the successes and challenges of the Litchfield Elementary School District as they introduced and implemented Conscious Discipline district-wide. The accompanying handout outlines practical strategies for large-scale implementation in Years 1, 2, and 3, as well as key ideas that should carry into Year 4.

Session Facilitator

  • Certified Instructor Megan Duplain


  • Adults

Helps With

  • Launching and nurturing district-wide implementation initiatives


  • Resource for district and school leaders


  • Video session
  • Session handout


  • Video
  • Printed handout
  • Pen or pencil for notes

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