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Baby Doll Circle Time Parent Letter

Simply download the PDFs below or copy/paste the letter to let parents know about Baby Doll Circle Time and to elicit ideas from home to make your circle time more personal to the children in your care.


Baby Doll Circle Time Parent Letter (ENGLISH)

Download PDF (22 KB)

Baby Doll Circle Time Parent Letter (SPANISH)

Download PDF (23 KB)

Dear Families,

We are starting something exciting with your children. It’s called Baby Doll Circle Time. Sometimes, we get carried away with trying to find the best toy or perfect environment for our children. We know as well as you do that your child’s development depends on the caring relationships they experience. It’s not the book that’s of extreme value as much as it’s the caring lap we read it from; and we read a lot of books from our caring laps! We also know it’s hard for young children to be away from their parents and for you to be away from your children. Baby Doll Circle Time will help us form more caring relationships, and bridge the gap between the home family and the school family.

The children who choose to participate will each have a baby doll. We will sing, “Get your baby, get your baby, get your baby, time to play,” to the tune of “Oh My Darlin,” signaling the beginning of the play time. Then the fun begins! The children will interact with their baby dolls in the same ways we interact with the children individually. If we play peek-a-boo, stop and go, or tickling games with your child, your child will play the same game with the baby doll. In doing so, the children re-experience our connection over and over again, helping to optimize their development.

Now for more good news… If you tell us what types of social games you play with your child at home (blowing raspberries, “This Little Piggy,” “I’m Gonna Get You,” etc.), we will add those to our Baby Doll Circle Time. Each time the children play these social games with their baby dolls, they will relive their loving bonds with you. This reduces the stress of missing you and increases the giggle moments! Just let us know what social games your child loves to play at home, and we will do the rest.

We will also be sending home some of the social games we play. Please add them to your playtime at home. Remember, the best toy for young children is a fun, responsive adult!

Wishing you well,

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