Stephanie Holmes

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

St. Georges, Grenada

Stephanie brings a wealth of international experience with children, having over 25 years of experience teaching primary and secondary students in Europe and most recently in Grenada. She loves working with vulnerable children as she brought Conscious Discipline to her children at school and at home as a mother of two. Practicing Conscious Discipline is a way of life for Stephanie.

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As Project Manager of the research based project “Saving Brains Grenada”, Stephanie offers guidance and Conscious Discipline training to paraprofessionals while traveling extensively throughout Grenada. She is teaching Conscious Discipline parenting classes to the local communities in Grenada as a part of her Saving Brains project.  She offers a practical, hands-on approach while delivering training to schools and assisting them with practical implementation.



    Stephanie has over 25 years in the classroom in primary and secondary schools throughout Europe before settling in Grenada.


    Stephanie loves working with vulnerable children and teaching parenting classes, offering guidance in how to create successful relationships and safe environments.


    Stephanie is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.


    Stephanie has her Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, with a specialization in Physical Education.