Sarah Pierce

Sarah Pierce

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

New Albany, Indiana

Sarah Pierce has been in education for 13 years. She spent five years teaching first and second grade. In 2010, she was named the administrative intern and became an assistant principal two years later. Over the last seven years, she has worked as an assistant principal in two different Title I buildings in New Albany-Floyd County, Indiana. Sarah has been the assistant principal of Mt. Tabor Elementary in New Albany, Indiana for four years. Implementing Conscious Discipline, Mt. Tabor was able to go from an “F” school to an “A” school.

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Sarah has worked in education for over a decade. She spent five years teaching first and second grade and has been an assistant principal for the last nine years. She has had the pleasure of implementing Conscious Discipline in two Title I elementary schools. Sarah holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Teaching from the University of Louisville. She obtained her administrator’s license from Indiana University Southeast.

In 2013, Sarah attended a Conscious Discipline Summer Institute after encouragement from her school’s guidance counselor. After that week, Sarah was determined to return to her school and work to immediately implement Conscious Discipline alongside her principal and counselor. Sarah’s school at the time was Slate Run Elementary. In 2015, Sarah transitioned to Mt. Tabor Elementary, where she also implemented Conscious Discipline.

At both Title I schools, test scores increased, and negative behaviors decreased. In 2015-2016, Mt. Tabor was labeled an “F” school by the state of Indiana. With the implementation of Conscious Discipline and Sarah’s leadership, Mt. Tabor was able to earn an “A” label for the 2016-2017 school year. Today, Sarah has made it her mission to help others experience similar successes and learn a better way with Conscious Discipline.



    Sarah has worked in education for 13 years. She has experience as a first and second grade teacher and has spent the last nine years as an assistant principal.


    Sarah specializes in classroom and school-wide implementation at the elementary level. She has worked closely with teachers, students and parents in implementing Conscious Discipline.


    Sarah is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and a State of Indiana Certified Elementary Teacher, K-6. She also holds a State of Indiana Administrative License, K-12 and a State of Kentucky Administrative License, K-12.


    Sarah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and her Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Louisville. She also obtained her Administrative License K-12 from Indiana University Southeast.