Rachel Frasier

Rachel Frasier

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Holly Springs, North Carolina

With two decades of teaching experience, Rachel Frasier whole-heartedly integrates the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline into all aspects of her life. She has the unique perspective of serving as an elementary school dance specialist, allowing her to build relationships with all the students and families in her school. Rachel is a NC Teaching Fellow and graduate of Meredith College, where she earned a BA in Dance and her K-12 Dance Education Certification.

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Rachel’s teaching experience spans two decades working as a Dance Specialist, Library/Media Specialist, and Academic Intervention Teacher. She was introduced to Conscious Discipline in 2010. As a dance specialist, Rachel was at first resistant, wondering how she could possibly “make Conscious Discipline fit” into her already cramped 40-minute class periods. Initially, she half-heartedly implemented structures without fully understanding the powers and skills. As a result, it just wasn’t working.

Rachel’s outlook changed when she attended an off-campus retreat with Kim Hughes. She understood the need for the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline in her life, and she began fully embracing the concepts and implementing them in her classroom. Over the years, Rachel went from half-heartedly attending monthly Conscious Discipline meetings to enthusiastically helping plan and lead them. She co-chairs the Conscious Discipline Action Team (CDAT) and designs and leads quarterly School Family Assemblies.

Now, Rachel sees the power of being a specialist. Working with every student in the School Family, potentially for all six years, is a huge opportunity. Instead of being competitive or judgmental like many dance rooms, Rachel’s classroom is a safe place for dancers to take risks, embrace mistakes, and collaborate with others. She enjoys seeing students who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in dance repeatedly sign up for her class because they love being part of the Dance Family.

On a personal level, Rachel experienced the true power of Conscious Discipline when her husband was diagnosed with and eventually succumbed to cancer. Students wished her well, coached her through the five steps of self-regulation when she struggled with big emotions, and initiated I Love You Rituals to meet Rachel’s need for connection.

Seeing the empathy and compassion of her young students has made Rachel even more passionate about spreading Conscious Discipline to other teachers, students, and schools. Training participants say that Rachel’s exuberance is contagious, and they appreciate her modeling, hands-on practice opportunities, and practical advice.



    Rachel has over 20 years of experience in education, working as a K-5 Dance Specialist, K-5 Library/Media Specialist, and 3-5 Academic Intervention Teacher.


    Rachel specializes in preschool/pre-K, kindergarten-2nd grade, upper elementary, and special needs. She also specializes in coaching and presenting.


    Rachel is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor with her K-12 Dance Education Certification in North Carolina.


    Rachel graduated from Meredith College with a B.A. in Dance.