Megan Shea-Bates

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Longview, Washington

Megan Shea-Bates has over 10 years of experience in the classroom and in administrative roles, ranging from special education Pre-K to adults in diverse environments. She discovered Conscious Discipline as an administrator and has used those foundational practices to educate, train and coach parents, teachers and leaders.

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Megan Shea-Bates has worked in education with diverse populations for over a decade as an educator and an administrator. Her experience ranges from pre-K special education to elementary students to adults learning English. She is currently the principal at Broadway Learning Center, where Conscious Discipline is a schoolwide practice. She has coached teachers in the classroom and presented leadership and group trainings. Megan is also the owner of ELE LLC which incorporates early learning education, consulting, training, workshops, and other professional services.

Megan first discovered Conscious Discipline after becoming a principal in her local community at a school with a 93% free and reduced lunch rate. She says, “The powers and skills allow for teachers in traumatized environments to see students through a new lens and to embody a formula for the instructional practice of social and emotional learning. This is revolutionary for public education!”

Since then, Conscious Discipline has impacted Megan both personally and professionally, influencing local schools and the community. At her school, the welcoming and supportive environment she has fostered through Conscious Discipline is apparent, and so are her students’ improvements in self-regulation and problem-solving. Megan was part of an administrative team who organized and participated in a private Conscious Discipline Summer Institute for 125 elementary staff in her school district. In her role as the Early Learning Coordinator, Megan brought Baby Doll Circle Time to private and public early learning centers by providing the curriculum, babies, and workshops.

Conscious Discipline has enlightened Megan on how to be consciously alert and attuned in her interactions with people, personally and professionally, as well as the day to day life. It is a practice! One of the most important effects of Conscious Discipline for Megan is her niece’s daily practice of Wishing Well, seeing the best in others, and positive self-talk.



    Megan has over 10 years of experience in education as an administrator, elementary teacher and college professor with diverse populations, ranging from Pre-K special education to adults learning English.


    Megan specializes in administration and leadership to foster change within communities, elementary education, and Pre-K special education. She has coached teachers in the classroom and presented leadership and group trainings.


    Megan is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. She holds a certification in Elementary Education and has an active Washington State Administrator Residency certificate.


    Megan graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Elementary Education, double minoring in Reading and ELL. She earned a master’s degree in Educational Supervision and Administration from Arizona State University.