Kyree Chambers

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Casper, Wyoming

Kyree Chambers discovered Conscious Discipline early in her career. After receiving her bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education, Kyree knew her love was for early childhood education. She now operates a private preschool, implementing Conscious Discipline center-wide. Kyree also implements Conscious Discipline coaching CrossFit, sitting on the Board of Trustees for a 6-12 private school, and teaching parent workshops.

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Kyree Chambers graduated from Black Hills State University with bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. She soon recognized that her passion was for early childhood education, working as a preschool teacher, coach, and now Director of a private preschool.

Early in her career, Kyree discovered Conscious Discipline through a class that featured a Conscious Discipline book study. She couldn’t get enough and continued writing grants to receive as much training as possible. As an administrator, Kyree feels that Conscious Discipline gives her all the skills she needs. Teachers feel equipped and connected, resulting in staff longevity that surpasses all statistics for early childhood educators. Personally, Kyree has become more assertive and is able to see misbehavior as a missing skill. She sees children leave her center for kindergarten with social and emotional skills that many adults don’t yet possess.

Kyree’s enthusiasm for Conscious Discipline has inspired a shift in her center and her community, with parents becoming increasingly interested in learning more about the program. She specializes in early childhood and preschool, coaching parents and teachers, and working with administrators.



    Kyree’s roles have included teacher, coach, and now Director of a private preschool. She is experienced in creating a School Family and developing a positive culture.


    Kyree specializes in early childhood, administrators, and parents.


    Kyree is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.


    Kyree received a B.A. in Elementary Education and a B.A. in Special Education from Black Hills State University.