Katie Ahearn

Katie Ahearn

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Fort Pierce, FL

Katie Ahearn believes in education that promotes meeting the child where they are at after addressing her own adult self first. She is an educator who loves the next challenge and to go against the status quo. State officials, district personnel, and any other observers who walk into her planning, classrooms, and trainings describe it as innovative and transformational because of the connection and love apparent in the environment. Education is truly the great equalizer, when schools are safe, connected, and work to solve problems.

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Katie Ahearn specializes in supporting and turning around schools with chronic trauma and challenging behaviors. She has experience in early learning centers, VPK, and grades K-6. Katie is ESOL certified and holds a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and learning to access the powers and skills with her own infant daughter.

While still in college, Katie was introduced to Conscious Discipline by a mentor teacher. When she began working at the mentor teacher’s school after graduation, Katie dug deeper into Conscious Discipline, beginning her inner work and eventually attending the Summer Institute. She continued working on the powers and skills, which transformed her teaching and her relationships with others. After attending the Advanced Institute, Katie was recruited by superintendents and district personnel to support turnaround schools in Hillsborough County. She used her Conscious Discipline skills and knowledge to successfully support three different communities and schools where children were operating from their survival state and unable to learn. With Conscious Discipline, Katie and other adults were able to notice brain states and provide the safety and connection that children need to problem-solve and learn.

Katie embraces challenges and believes in meeting children where they are. She enjoys and excels at leading schools to become safe, connected, and problem-solving learning environments. Her teaching, coaching, and trainings are described as innovative and transformational.



    Katie has experience in early learning centers and preschools with VPK and Head Start. Katie has experience teaching and coaching in public schools with Kindergarten through sixth grade, along with training administration and other support personnel.


    Katie specializes in inner city schools who experience challenging behaviors and have chronic trauma. She works in schools where gangs and violence are prevalent. Katie’s niche is turnaround schools who are under the eye of the state with a short time frame to successfully transform.


    Katie is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and is certified for grades Kindergarten through sixth in all subjects. She is also ESOL certified.


    Katie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.