Donna Porter

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Picayune, Mississippi

Ms. Donna Porter graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi and then received a Master of Science Degree in Speech/Language Pathology with a concentration in speech education. After working as a Speech Pathologist in several settings, Donna joined the Picayune School District as a Speech Pathologist and Educational Diagnostician. In 1999, Donna became the Early Childhood Intervention Coordinator where she facilitated Project H.O.P.E. (Home, Our Partners in Education). The mission of this endeavor was to implement the Parents as Teachers program primarily targeting teen parents. The goals were to help parents stay in school and support them as their child’s first and most important teacher.

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During the summer of 2002, Donna attended Dr. Becky Bailey’s “Conscious Discipline Summer Institute” which began her journey to become a Certified Conscious Discipline Instructor. For the last decade, Donna has provided training all over the country focusing on secondary educators.

After the Project H.O.P.E grant ended, Donna became the Oral Communications teacher and the speech/debate coach at Picayune Memorial High School. Fortunately, she was able to integrate Conscious Discipline into her secondary classroom with astounding results. In 2006, Donna was awarded Congressional IV Teacher of the Year which represents the top four teachers in the state. She also served as the Dropout Prevention Coordinator and created a program that was recognized at the state level. Her project, Project Wipeout Dropout, was featured on a campaign commercial by the Mississippi Department of Education.

One of Donna’s former students, D.J. Batiste, nominated her for a national award. In March 2012, she was selected as one of the ten most inspirational teachers in the nation and received the Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award. CBS News featured her and her student on a nightly news program. Later in April, she was also selected as one of two Ron Clark Thank -A -Teacher award winners sponsored by the Promethean Company.

These recognition events have opened doors for Donna to provide more Conscious Discipline training to many school districts in Mississippi and other states. She is an accomplished speaker and trainer for elementary and secondary teachers. Donna continues to inspire, motivate and teach these life-changing principles. Her passion for creating a class family particularly for adolescents is contagious. She works diligently to “be the change she wants to see in this world.”



    Donna has  extensive experience as Early Childhood Intervention Coordinator and high school teacher.


    Donna is passionate about about high school and well rounded at all grade levels, specializing in large/small group trainings and presentations.


    Donna is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.


    Donna holds a M.S. in Speech and Language Pathology and a Certification in Speech Education.