Diane Patterson

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Diane has worked with infants through young adults ranging in age from birth to 21, with the greatest emphasis on those with special needs, for 35 years. Her classroom was a model for Conscious Discipline and in 2014 she and her co-teacher were honored by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for their inclusionary integrated Kindergarten class. She holds a degree in elementary education with a minor in psychology from San Jose State University and licensure in early childhood special education and a Master’s degree in special education from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

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Diana was the impetus for the startup of a neuroscience charter school within the Oshkosh Area School District over a decade ago. It was her training by Eric Jensen (Teaching with the Brain in Mind) and the Feuerstein Institute (using Instrumental Enrichment to teach thinking skills) that caused her to cross paths with Dr. Becky Bailey and Conscious Discipline.

From there she carried the word of Conscious Discipline to parents, teachers, lunchrooms, recess, after school care personnel, childcare providers, pre-service teachers, faith-based teachers, state charter school members and adoptive/foster care families.

Diana is well-versed in presenting in both large and small group settings and offers both classroom and in-home coaching to aid educators and parents in responding to the most challenging children. In short, she has a passion for helping others solve their problems and of sharing the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline.



    Diane has 30+ years teaching experience in special education working with ages 0 – 21, with “high-need” and at-risk students in classrooms and in homes.


    Diana specializes in small and large group workshops and coaching for parents, elementary and daycare teachers and also works with foster/adoptive families, faith-based organizations and pre-service teachers.


    Diana is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. She is also licensed in Early Childhood Special Education for birth to age 9.


    Diana holds a BA in Elementary Education/Liberal Studies with a Minor in Psychology and a Masters in Special Education.