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Professional $299 / Parent $249

It Starts in the Heart: Creating the School Family

This workshop presented by The Autism Project will help you discover how to bully-proof your classroom through emotional intelligence. The breakthrough approach of Creating the School family will help you systematically create the positive school climate that is integral to academic success. Administrators, teachers and parents alike will learn how to transform school culture using twelve classroom structures essential for creating inclusive, compassionate, bully-free learning environments. This fundamental shift in education and classroom management will help you step into a world where intrinsic motivation, helpfulness and connection govern your classroom.

Professional $299 / Parent $249

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  • Location:
    • Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Facilitators:
    • Kim Jackson

Integrating Classroom Management with Social and Emotional Learning

Conscious Discipline is a research-based comprehensive self-regulation program that combines social and emotional learning with discipline and guidance. Built on a foundation of current brain research, the School Family is constructed by creating a foundation of safety, connection and problem-solving. This conference is intended to help ALL children and pre-teens, not just those on the autism spectrum.

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