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Building Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms and Schools

7 Strategies for Teachers and Administrators

Almost half of the children in the United States are suffering one or more types of trauma. As headlines display the terrifying results of unaddressed trauma with increasing frequency, we can’t help but ask ourselves what we can do to heal our nation. At this Providence, Rhode Island event, you’ll learn specific, evidence-based strategies to reach the children of trauma. Learn how to build an inclusive educational environment that promotes growth and healing for all children.

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  • Location:
    • Providence, RI

Here's What You'll Learn:

Big Idea

Understand the impact of trauma, learn specific steps to reach and build resiliency in the children of trauma, and create an educational environment that serves as both safe haven and safety net.

Who Should Attend

Educators and administrators of children elementary and younger will discover immediate, essential skills for building trauma-sensitive classrooms and reaching traumatized children. Customizable for middle school.

Your Facilitators

Your facilitators will delve deeper into trauma and its remedies. Facilitators TBA.

Workshop Materials

All attendees will receive a workshop handout and attendee tote bag.

Replace educational practices that compound the problem with Brain Smart strategies that enhance resilience, connection and cooperation.

Almost half of the children in the United States – approximately 35 million – have experienced one or more types of trauma. Trauma is different from regular life stressors because it causes a sense of intense fear, terror and helplessness that’s beyond the normal range for typical experiences. Barely a week goes by without another news story about a tragic cry for help and the subsequent loss of innocent life.

Educators have the unique opportunity to help these traumatized children feel safe and connected in the classroom through Conscious Discipline. Maybe you seek a way to feel empowered and take action to remedy this growing concern, or maybe you’ve watched the 3-Session Trauma Webinar with Dr. Becky Bailey and are looking for more in-depth information. Whatever brought you here, register today to discover how to recognize and reach the children of trauma, changing their life trajectory for the better.

This 2-Day Workshop will take a deeper look into trauma in children and the impact it has on the quality of life as these children develop and grow into adulthood.

During this Workshop, you will learn to create a safe learning environment, plus:

  • Understand the impact of trauma on the brain and behavior
  • Learn how to reach relationship-resistant children to increase cooperation
  • Create a culture of compassion, embracing marginalized children
  • Implement seven interventions that help traumatized children learn in school
  • Help lay the groundwork for a lifetime of resilience for all children

Event content is geared toward elementary ages and younger. However, information can be customized by middle school teachers, especially those with experience implementing Conscious Discipline.

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    Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    • This workshop will qualify for one and a half (1.5) CEUs
    • 10 contact hours of education/participation = 1 CEU
    • Cost: $85
    • Deadline to register for CEUs is one month after the workshop

    To register for CEUs online,

    For further information or questions regarding CEUs, contact Correne Constantino with Concordia University.