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2019 ACSD Conference on Teaching Excellence

Dr. Becky Bailey will present at the 2019 ACSD Conference in Orlando on June 27 at 9:15 AM. Her presentation is entitled “The Trauma Epidemic: Creating Trauma-Informed Cultures and Relationships that Help Children Heal.”

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  • Location:
    • Orlando, FL

Discover practical techniques to build resilient schools

This year’s ACSD Conference will focus on building resilient schools. Across more than 80 sessions, events, headliners, and keynote luncheons, educators will learn creative, strengths-based strategies to build resilience in all children, including those impacted by trauma. In addition, you’ll discover techniques to transform mindsets and environments, develop social emotional and relationship skills, implement culturally sensitive practices, connect with challenging or depressed students, and prevent teacher burnout.

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