Reflection Sciences Executive Function Assessment (Two Teacher Package)


Team up with a partner in your school to access training and use our game-based MEFS app to assess each child’s level of Executive Function (EF) to improve the SEL outcomes in your classroom.

In less than five minutes per child, this assessment tool identifies the EF skill-levels of your children and helps you set them up for future success in school and life.

Users of the MEFS App will receive customized recommendations from Conscious Discipline on specific EF activities for each child who has been assessed.

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The MEFS App is a research-reliable, valid and game-based assessment of EF skills in children as young as two-years old.

Executive Function and Social Emotional Learning

EF skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, inhibit impulses and manage multiple tasks successfully. These skills are the foundation to SEL success.

By using the MEFS App to learn where each child is on the EF scale, educators can:

  • Customize interventions for each child
  • Make planning time more efficient
  • Maximize classroom time and instructional strategies
  • Use data to monitor progress, track the development of EF and evaluate the effects of interventions and curricula

The MEFS App

Our direct assessment tool empowers you to:

  • Improve instruction and address the whole child
  • Identify trends across classrooms
  • Assess the quality of educational programs and intervention strategies

This Package Includes

  • MEFS App Training Course + Manual for two (2) Teachers
  • Annual licenses for unlimited assessments for up to 65 students
  • Customized intervention activities from Conscious Discipline for each child

Once purchased, a representative from Reflection Sciences, Inc. will contact you to complete the setup of your subscription.

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MEFS App Technical Requirements

Additional information


Digital, available for both Apple and Android tablets (no iPad Minis). See above for technical requirements.


The MEFS App™ is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, German (Swiss), Swedish, Mandarin Chinese, Somali, Hmong, French, and Arabic.

Training is offered in English only at this time.

Age Range

Students ages 24 months and older (though the lifespan)


Pre-K Administrators and Teachers


Reflection Sciences, Inc.

SKU: A-101 Categories: ,

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