Reflection Sciences Executive Function Assessment (School/District Option)

Use a game-based assessment tool that is easy to administer across your school, district or state to measure Executive Function (EF) in all students.

Users of the EFgoPRO™ will receive customized recommendations from Conscious Discipline on specific EF activities for each child who has been assessed.

School/District Option

Click below to learn more about the School/District Option. A Reflection Sciences representative will contact you to discuss options and next steps after your completed form has been received.

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Executive Function and Social Emotional Learning

EF skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, inhibit impulses and manage multiple tasks successfully. These skills are the foundation to SEL success.

In less than five minutes per child, this validated app-based tool identifies students’ EF skill-levels to help teachers, assessment professionals and administrators:

  • Design and implement a continuous improvement plan for student growth in Social Emotional Learning
  • Supplement current curricular programming with age-appropriate Conscious Discipline EF activities
  • Identify trends across classrooms, schools and school district


Our direct assessment tool empowers you to:

  • Improve instruction and address the whole child
  • Identify trends across classrooms
  • Assess the quality of educational programs and intervention strategies

Additional information


Digital and available for most browser-based environments.


EFgoPRO™ is available in multiple languages. Training available in English only as of today.

Age Range

Students ages 24 months and older (though the lifespan)


Pre-K Administrators and Teachers


Reflection Sciences, Inc.

SKU: A-102 Category:


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