Red Heart Conscious Discipline T-Shirt

We’re loving our new Red Heart T-shirt and hope you will too! At the center of the red shirt, white words and phrases from the Seven Powers and Skills of Conscious Discipline form a heart.

The Seven Powers are:
Perception: No one can make you angry without your permission. (Skill of Composure)
Unity: We are in this together. (Skill of Encouragement)
Attention: What you focus on, you get more of. (Skill of Assertiveness)
Free Will: The only person you can change is you. (Skill of Choices)
Acceptance: The moment is as it is. (Skill of Empathy)
Love: See the best in others. (Skill of Positive Intent)
Intention: Mistakes are opportunities to learn. (Skill of Consequences)

These Powers and Skills are the core and the heart of Conscious Discipline implementation. Our Red Heart T-shirt serves as a meaningful (and adorable) reminder.

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  • 100% cotton
  • Red T shirt
  • Phrases like “Unity, Love, Acceptance” printed on front

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