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Start your children on the path to success with healthy self-regulatory language like “I can handle this” and “Anger says calm down and change” set to the musical stylings of Mr. AL and friends. Includes 29 songs appropriate for all ages.

Listen to Your Feelings includes these songs:

  1. Anger Got Ahold of Me
  2. Breathe
  3. Buddy Helper
  4. Bye, Bye Buddies
  5. Choose to Be a S.T.A.R.
  6. Do You Know?
  7. Feeling Buddies Rap
  8. Feeling, Feeling, Feeling
  9. Hello Buddies
  10. Helping My Buddy
  11. I Am Calm
  12. I Have A Choice
  13. I Have Made Some New Friends
  14. Important Messages
  15. In My Body
  16. It’s Buddy Time
  17. It’s Okay
  18. Listen to Your Feelings
  19. Look at My Face Part 1
  20. Look at My Face Part 2
  21. Move
  22. Sadness Got Ahold of Me
  23. Solutions
  24. Tell Us How You Feel
  25. This is My Face
  26. We All Feel Chant
  27. When I Feel Scared
  28. Wonderful Child
  29. Yes, I Can


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