Kindness Counts (Digital)


Achieve the type of classroom environment that is brain-friendly and creates loving relationships! This CD helps children experience the language and skills needed to successfully solve problems in everyday life. It’s about helping adults and children feel safe, connected and valued… the building blocks of all learning. With this foundation in place, children can thrive academically and socially. This album is available as a digital album ideal for devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers or on CD. Select your preferred format below to check out.


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Kindness Counts album song listing:

  1. In Every One of Us
  2. Looking for Kindness
  3. It’s Brainsmart Time
  4. Love is a Circle
  5. Stop in the Name of Love
  6. Turn Back Time
  7. BIG Voice
  8. Safe Keeper
  9. Rhyme the Rhyme
  10. Rhyme the Rhyme (Instrumental)
  11. Johnny Works with Hammers
  12. We All Count
  13. Jobs Matter
  14. Encouraging Words
  15. Who
  16. You Can Relax Now
  17. In Every One of Us (Reprise)


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