Jaden the Germ Blasting Superhero


Health, safety and fun go hand-in-hand with this plush product! Jaden the Germ-Blasting Superhero teaches kids how to keep themselves and each other safe with nose blowing, sneezing, coughing, tissue disposal and hand sanitizing skills. The set includes the fun-tastic superhero book and Jaden himself, with refillable tissues and sanitizer hidden in his cape. With artwork so gross that it’s good, the Jaden Bear set will be the coolest wellness tool in your home or classroom!

Your purchase of Jaden the Germ Blasting Superhero includes a printable 2-D version for easy sanitization and safe, healthy sharing.

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He may look soft and fuzzy on the outside, but inside Jaden the Germ Blasting Superhero is 10,000% pure germ-blasting power!

Health and safety triumph as Jaden teaches kids the basics about how germs spread and how to destroy them. His superhero skills transform germy tasks (like blowing noses, coughing, sneezing and cleaning hands) from awful to awesome so kids are more likely to keep themselves and each other safe from illness.

Jaden’s built-in Germ-blasting Power Pack hand sanitizer dispenser is simple to refill or replace with your school-approved or favorite home product. His Tissue Terminator cape dispenses tissues you can easily refill with standard travel packs. These tools and the clear, yet comical instructions in the storybook empower kids to keep it safe with helpful “germ-blasting” skills.

Empowering children with specific ways to keep themselves and others safe is essential to physical and emotional health at any time, and even more so in the face of COVID-19. Jaden provides a low-stress, high-silliness way to help children develop healthy habits, contribute to the welfare of others and exert a bit of control over what may feel like a scary or out-of-control situation. To ensure safety and durability, Jaden Bear is machine washable and all of his components are refillable.

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Weight 24.8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in
Age Range

Infant/Toddler, 3-5 Years Old, K-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade


Teachers, Parents


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