It Starts in the Heart (Digital)


Based on character education activities, these engaging songs by Dr. Becky Bailey and Jack Hartmann build on the principles of Conscious Discipline.


Purchasing this album gives you on-demand access to this music for an individual user.

19 songs include key concepts like “that was helpful,” “use your big voice,” and “wish you well.” As a bonus, three songs are performed in both English and Spanish.

It Starts in the Heart includes these songs:

  1. It Starts in the Heart
  2. Get Ready
  3. Welcome
  4. That Was Helpful
  5. I Wish You Well
  6. My School Family
  7. Caring Friends
  8. Look At Me
  9. Friendship Chant
  10. Friendship Chant (Instrumental)
  11. S.T.A.R. Song
  12. Let’s Celebrate
  13. All Together
  14. You Did It!
  15. Shubert Shuffle
  16. People to People
  17. Te Deseo Lo Mejor (I Wish You Well)
  18. Todos Juntos (All Together)
  19. De Gente A Gente (People to People)
  20. Look At Me (Instrumental)


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