INDIVIDUAL TICKET: Conscious Discipline Summer Institute Liberty, MO

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Date: July 10 – 16, 2022
Location: Liberty, MO
Instructor: Jill Molli
Intended for: Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Mental Health Professionals

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This 7-day professional development event is not your typical workshop. It’s an integrative experience that brings Conscious Discipline to life with real examples, real practice and real connections. You’ll spend the week learning through direct video teaching from Dr. Bailey and on-site training from Master Instructor Jill Molli (Instructor line up subject to change).

Join us in Liberty this July where Jill Molli will teach you the skills needed to reach and teach every child. Learn to build a safe, connected and inclusive School Family where children and adults thrive. Whether your Conscious Discipline journey is ongoing or just beginning, this experience will bring you inspiration, renewed energy and a deeper understanding. You don’t want to miss out on this truly life-changing event!

Conscious Discipline Institute highlights:

  • Experience Conscious Discipline firsthand as Master Instructor Jill Molli creates a School Family within your Institute
  • Learn the Seven Basic Skills of Discipline; the Skills you need to respond to any situation
  • Learn the Seven Powers of Self-regulation; the Powers you need to change your perception of conflict and help gain control of your life
  • Create a School Family to foster a caring, cooperative environment that uses daily life to build character and social skills
  • Learn the complete Conscious Discipline Brain State model

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3-5 Years Old, K-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, Adults

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Institute Session B

1 review for INDIVIDUAL TICKET: Conscious Discipline Summer Institute Liberty, MO

  1. Dawn Chandler
    March 11, 2022
    This is my 4th time attending a CD1 Institute, and I keep coming back because as they say, it truly is a "life-changing" experience. I am a repeat re...More
    This is my 4th time attending a CD1 Institute, and I keep coming back because as they say, it truly is a "life-changing" experience. I am a repeat returner because the week-long experience helps me continue to learn and go deeper into my own practice of the Powers and Skills of Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline is a life-long practice and helps me in all aspects and relationships in my life. I truly believe it all starts with me. I want to bring the best of who I am and who I was created to be to all relationships in my life. The Master Instructors are INCREDIBLE - they are just on another level, and their ability to educate and INSPIRE is beyond words. I am so THANKFUL for Conscious Discipline and so excited for another week of learning and growing and making new connections! If you have ever wondered, is this week-long institute really for me? I would tell you "Yes! You will not regret it. And yes, it is a lot. However, if you have faith that you will receive exactly what you need, you will leave the week renewed and inspired like you have never felt before. It all starts with willingness."
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