INDIVIDUAL TICKET: Brain Smart Beginnings


Date: February 1-2, 2024
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Instructors: Angela Fraley, Kenedria Thurman
Intended for: Administrators, Teachers, Mental Health Professionals

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The first five years of life are critical for brain development and the creation of mental models. Learn evidence-based strategies for co-regulating, connecting and teaching social skills that create a secure foundation for children to build successful lives upon. Register for Brain Smart Beginnings today and experience:

  • The power of “meaning-making”: Discover how the brain makes sense of events, relationships and the self– and how adults play a crucial role in this process for children.
  • Educators as meaning-makers: Learn how to become a healthy, positive meaning-maker for young children’s experiences.
  • Co-regulation as the missing element: A foundation of safety and trust wires young brains for cooperation, attention, impulse control and learning. Without the safety of co-regulation, healthy meaning-making, brain development and growth are impaired.
  • The importance of connection: Optimize your time together with healthy connections that allow both you and the children to feel less stressed, more present and better able to handle the day’s challenges.
  • Teaching in the moment: Learn how to bring your calm, regulated self into moments of distress and conflict so you can utilize children’s everyday upsets to model self-regulation and teach healthy skills.
  • Learning in community: Enjoy activities that help you internalize strategies and practices from the event so you can create lasting change once you return to your school or center.

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