INDIVIDUAL TICKET: Connecting with Children Who are Hard to Reach


Date: September 14 – 15, 2023
Location: Chicago, IL
Instructor: Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo
Intended for: Administrators, Teachers, Mental Health Professionals

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The challenge of connecting with hard-to-reach children and managing big behaviors continues to trend upward, even as our national focus shifts away from the pandemic’s impact on education and child development. For those still struggling with these impacts in the classroom day after day, Connecting with Children Who are Hard to Reach provides fresh insight and new strategies for reaching and teaching challenging children— particularly those impacted by trauma and toxic stress, whether from the pandemic years or other circumstances.

Master Instructor Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo will specifically address stressors related to COVID-19 and their effect on children. You’ll learn to manage your own anxieties, then understand and respond to challenging behavior, building connection that leads to cooperation–and, ultimately, lasting behavioral changes.

This event takes place at a school that is successfully implementing Conscious Discipline, giving you the unique opportunity to see strategies and structures in action as you gain insight from a Master Instructor.

Workshop highlights include:

  • Understand why some children resist connection.
  • Learn how to reduce anxiety during challenging times for both yourself and children through active calming.
  • Discover how to build relationships with with children who are hard to reach and provide a felt sense of safety through consistent, responsive caregiving.
  • Learn why consequences often fail with chronically aggressive children, and how and why connection leads to lasting behavioral changes.
  • Explore the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model so you can better understand children’s behavior and which responses will be most helpful.
  • Equip yourself with immediately usable strategies to help children develop impulse control and increase cooperation.
  • Learn to adapt Conscious Discipline strategies like I Love You Rituals, Baby Doll Circle Time and noticing for all, especially children with trauma.

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