e-DECA 2.0 By Child Option


Purchasing the Conscious Discipline + e-DECA Assessment-Planning System is a two-part purchase and includes an annual license fee as well as assessment ratings.

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The Conscious Discipline e-DECA By Child option allows a program to complete unlimited DECA assessments on a child while also accessing scores, reports, and strategies for each unique assessment conducted on a child. The e-DECA annual license fee must also be purchased along with the Conscious Discipline e-DECA By Child option.

Each time a rating is administered on the e-DECA database, the rating will be scored and saved on the system. Once the rating is scored and saved, the program staff can select strategies to help build children’s protective factors and reduce behavioral concerns. In order to purchase a sufficient quantity of ratings, programs should consider how many children will be rated throughout the course of the year by different adults. For example, if a program has 100 children and both teachers and parents will be rating the child one time, then the program would purchase 200 ratings.

Once a program makes this two-part purchase, a representative from e-DECA will be contacting the designated Program Administrator to schedule the initial set-up. This process takes just a few minutes and is followed by an email to the Program Administrator with all of the instructions (both written and video recorded) and passwords needed to get started using the web-based system.

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Age Range

Infant/Toddler, 3-5 Years Old, Adults


Administrators, Teachers, Mental Health Professional



SKU: T143 Category: Tags: , ,