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Utilizing the Conscious Discipline e-DECA Assessment and Planning System requires an annual license, as well as e-DECA ratings.

User must have a Conscious Discipline account
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This e-DECA By Child Rating is for use within the Conscious Discipline e-DECA Assessment & Planning System, the web-based application in which the Devereux Early Childhood Assessments (DECA) can be entered ONLINE by both teachers and parents. With this rating option, you are purchasing for how many children you plan on submitting assessments for throughout the year. For that year, you can continue to submit as many assessments as needed for each child.

  • Example: If you were to purchase three By Child Ratings, that means you will be able to submit assessments for three separate children, and submit as many assessments for each of those three children as needed throughout the 12-month Contract Year.

Please note that ratings are only part of what is required to use the e-DECA. If you’re just starting out, you will also need to purchase an e-DECA Annual License (SKU: T141).

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  • Click HERE to view an e-DECA Purchasing Guide with more guidance.
  • Click HERE to access a self-guided tour of the Conscious Discipline & e-DECA Assessment and Planning System.

Software Requirement(s): Adobe Reader version 6.0 or better

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Infant/Toddler, 3-5 Years Old, Adults


Administrators, Teachers, Mental Health Professional



SKU: T143 Category: Tags: , ,


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