JOIN TEAM: Building Success Plans for Students with Struggling Behaviors


Date: September 24-25, 2020
Location: Liberty, MO
Instructor: Jill Molli
Intended for: Administrators, Teachers, Mental Health Professionals

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In the past, behavior interventions were designed to “fix” children who were viewed as having a deficit. Often, the response to unwanted behaviors was to withhold safety and connection from the children who most desperately needed it. Instead, RTI plans should be designed to teach children the skills they need to be successful, rather than punishing them for not having these skills. Led by Master Instructor Jill Molli, the two-day workshop Building Success Plans for Students with Struggling Behaviors will empower you to create success plans that generate powerful results. Learn to build safety and connection, which foster brain integration and willingness, then teach critical missing skills to support lifelong positive changes in behavior. On this foundation of healthy relationships, you and your students will thrive.

This event will teach you how to:

  • Understand the wiring of the brain and that optimal learning comes through healthy relationships.
  • Understand how Conscious Discipline aligns with the framework of PBIS by being proactive and using evidence-based interventions to teach missing skills.
  • Transform your In-School Suspension Room into a classroom where social emotional learning is taught and experienced daily (CARE room-Connecting and Recovery Environment).
  • Examine the strength of your Tier 1 support and add tools to your Tier 2 and Tier 3.
  • Observe strong Tier 1 classrooms.
  • Experience and hear firsthand from a CARE room teacher who uses drums to deescalate Tier 3 students.
  • Learn to write success plans for hurting students who are missing many social skills.

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Infant/Toddler, 2nd-3rd Grade, 3-5 Years Old, 4th-5th Grade, Adults, All Ages


Administrators, Teachers, Mental Health Professional

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