(MARCH 2019)  At the West Washington County Head Start/Early Head Start, preschool children are practicing seeing the best in others with a little help from Shubert and his friends.

This skill transforms hurtful situations into helpful interactions, promoting empathy, trust, safety and moral behavior.

The Head Start is one of six Economic Opportunity Agency Head Start/Early Head Start centers in Washington County. EOA Head Start is a federally funded child development program. It’s designed to help families break the cycle of poverty by providing infants and preschool children with comprehensive programs that meet all their developmental needs, including social and emotional needs.

Center Director Rebecca Barnum said, “Our Pre-K classroom loves Shubert and all his friends! Conscious Discipline plays a huge role in this classroom, and the staff and children practice it in every thought they have and word they speak.”

After reading Shubert Sees the Best, the children started verbally recognizing acts of kindness in the classroom. Staff even heard children saying, “You need to look through your glasses,” and reminding others to practice seeing the good in their School Family members.

When the children began holding their fingers over their eyes in a heart shape, staff knew they needed their own heart-shaped glasses.

Barnum said, “Conscious Discipline has changed the atmosphere of our classroom by creating a positive learning environment for the children as well as the staff. We’re all eager to read and further practice Shubert books!”

Want to encourage your students to see the best in others too? Remind them to view others with positive intent using our free printable, Shubert’s Heart Shaped Glasses.


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