Webinar: Conscious Leadership

As a school leader, do you find yourself solving problems for your team that you feel they should be able to solve themselves?

If the answer is Yes, try focusing on the emotional safety of your staff. This means providing clear expectations, ensuring that your staff has adequate support to meet those expectations, offering clear and predictable communication and routines, and giving your staff permission to “Oops.” Once you’ve built a foundation of safety, you can work on fostering connection and developing a shared mission. When your staff is safe and connected, they will begin to solve their own problems, and you will be able to accomplish much more both individually and together.

If the answer is Yes, try focusing on the emotional safety of your staff.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Certified Instructor Abbi Kruse, the founder and director of The Playing Field, an early childhood program in Wisconsin that serves children experiencing homelessness alongside children from more advantaged families. Abbi shares how she has used Conscious Discipline to become a more effective school leader and achieve goals with her team. Listen in to learn how you can help your staff feel safe, connected, and ready to learn and solve problems together.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:12 Abbi Kruse’s background using Conscious Discipline in a leadership role
  • 03:57 Conscious Discipline Brain State Model
  • 08:24 Applying the Brain State Model to see adult behavior as communication
  • 10:24 Importance of building your own skills first
  • 12:04 Using the Power of Attention as a school leader
  • 18:05 Using the Power of Perception as a school leader
  • 24:10 Abbi’s personal story of the Power of Perception
  • 25:32 Shift from “getting teachers to do something” to “helping/supporting teachers”
  • 27:06 Safety: What detracts from it? What contributes to it?
  • 30:55 Connection: What detracts from it? What contributes to it?
  • 32:28 What can your team accomplish next?
  • 33:24 Examples of Conscious Discipline structures for faculty/staff
  • 36:27 Summary

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