Webinar: Conscious Discipline and Reflection Sciences Partner to Enhance Executive Function

In this webinar, Dr. Becky Bailey talks with Dr. Stephanie Carlson, the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Reflection Sciences, about an exciting new partnership.

Dr. Carlson is an internationally recognized leader in the measurement of executive function in preschool children. Along with Dr. Phil Zelazo, she developed the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS App™), a game-like app that objectively measures executive function in children as young as two.

Executive function is a greater predictor of academic and life success than IQ. These are the brain-based skills that we use to control thoughts, actions and feelings, achieve goals, solve problems, and more.

If you’re familiar with Conscious Discipline, you know that it’s a social emotional learning program that builds safety and connection so the brain can develop executive function.

With this new partnership, Conscious Discipline practitioners can objectively measure executive function in children and its development over time. Based on each child’s score, adults will receive tailored Conscious Discipline-based intervention strategies and next steps.

Listen in to learn more about this powerful partnership and how it can help you measure and enhance executive function in children!

Webinar Outline

  • 00:16 Introduction of Dr. Stephanie Carlson
  • 01:40 Dr. Carlson’s background studying executive function
  • 05:52 What is executive function?
  • 09:05 Explanation of the partnership between Conscious Discipline and Reflection Sciences
  • 10:12 About the MEFS App
  • 14:30 Positive results of a pilot study on Conscious Discipline and Reflection Sciences
  • 17:54 Why Conscious Discipline resonates with Dr. Carlson’s knowledge of executive function
  • 19:35 How an adult’s executive function impacts the child’s executive function
  • 26:10 Final thoughts on Conscious Discipline and Reflection Sciences
  • 29:02 Executive function and children with trauma

Resource Mentions

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