Real Talk for Real Teachers with Julie Ruffo and Certified Instructor Amy Speidel

Episode Summary

With the holidays fast approaching, many families will choose to vaccinate their children for the flu or Covid. Certified Instructor Amy Speidel joins us for a special Real Talk to help adults create a positive experience for children undergoing medical procedures like vaccines this season.

The way we approach children’s medical procedures establishes a mental and emotional blueprint children will utilize for the rest of their lives. In order to help create healthy blueprints, we must replace “get a treat if you’re good” and “surprise” approaches with emotionally-sound strategies that promote safety and connection.

Discover the importance of managing your own feelings surrounding medical procedures, and then learn how to 1. Prepare (plan and practice), 2. Put your plan into action, 3. Soothe in the moment and 4. Manage loopholes utilizing reliable strategies from Conscious Discipline.

Essential Takeaways

  • Medical procedures can be scary for children and adults alike.
  • Calm yourself first and redefine a “successful” experience as the best possible outcome considering the circumstances.
  • Prepare with planning and practice, put your plan into action, soothe in the moment and manage any loopholes assertively.

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Show Outline

  • :00 Introduction
  • :33 A special episode
  • 1:50 Hello from Amy
  • 2:00 Conscious Discipline introduction
  • 2:20 Our approach drives children’s experience
  • 2:30 Be aware of our feelings and self-regulate
  • 3:42 “Success” can be messy
  • 4:21 Part 1: Preparation
  • 4:37 Information soothes anxiety
  • 5:00 Plan and practice
  • 6:45 Use pictures to convey your plan
  • 7:47 Practice your plan
  • 8:08 Let them know it will feel like a pinch
  • 9:05 End your plan with a celebration
  • 10:06 Part 2: Show up and put the plan into action
  • 10:34 Part 3: What to do when you get there (breathe, soothe, encourage)
  • 12:25 Part 4: Handling perceived loopholes
  • 13:33 “Breathe and breathe and breathe some more”
  • 13:50 Conclusion: It was hard and we did it!
  • 14:16 You are your child’s advocate and the voice in their heads, and you’ve got this
  • 14:48 Review the strategies
  • 15:39 A real-life experience
  • 16:53 What are Conscious Discipline and Dr. Bailey up to?


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