Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Amy Speidel

Episode Summary

What supports are available for helping foster parents manage the challenging behaviors that often arise with foster children and children who have experienced trauma? Have you ever had a child in your care you just weren’t sure how to help?

In the United States there are over 420,00 children in foster care. These children have experienced severe stress and trauma in their lives. Statistically these children’s life outcomes include early pregnancy, homelessness and placement in special education. Parenting foster children does not come without its challenges.

Listen in as Amy Speidel shares her story of parenting both foster children and her own biological children with Conscious Discipline and the generational outcomes each have experienced.

Essential Takeaways

  • No matter the challenges, extend energy and non-verbal messages that communicate the child is worthy and loved.
  • Model taking responsibility for your own upset to create a space for children to do the same and establish yourself as a trustworthy adult.

Steps For Tomorrow

  • Build strong safety before trying to connect with foster children; speak a lot of safety language.
  • Create connections and rituals that begin to build a sense of value and belonging.
  • Help foster children with their story rather than ignore it because it’s difficult or painful.

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Show Outline

  • :21 What is Conscious Discipline?
  • :45 Who are real teachers?
  • 1:28 Children in Foster Care statistics
  • 2:47 Introduction of Amy Speidel, Parent Coach and Foster Parent
  • 3:26 Amy’s story of becoming a Foster Adoptive Parent
  • 6:52 Behaviors exhibited with Amy’s foster children and what help was provided
  • 9:31 Information that was provided regarding Ron’s foster story
  • 11:26 Were strategies provided for how to connect with these children?
  • 14:04 What impact did Conscious Discipline have on parenting your biological child?
  • 18:24 Impact of Conscious Discipline on parenting your foster children
  • 22:02 What generational effects do you see with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren?
  • 25:29 Losing composure with grandson Sean story
  • 28:02 Advice for teachers who receive foster children as students into their classrooms
  • 31:11 Wishing well
  • 31:48 Helping foster children with their story
  • 34:43 Final words of encouragement for those who work with foster children

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