Virtual Training – Family Forum, Inc.

With Amy Speidel

We understand the importance of composure, however, knowing how to access calm in a moment of upset is challenging. By focusing on the belief that drives composure rather than attempting to just "tolerate negative behavior without blowing up", we are able to tap into the Power of Perception that naturally guides us to the skill of Composure. By seeing misbehavior as a call for help, our intention shifts from making behavior stop to accessing our own ability to calm in service of helping others. The first session will focus on exploring and strengthening our ability to see from another perspective, build our own toolset for composure, and practice how to pass our powerful tools to children.

What we focus on, we get more of. Our intention directs our attention, what we focus on and how we communicate that focus. We communicate first with our intention (or energy), then our body language, and finally our words. The second session will focus on forming an understanding of what our intention is when we issue an instruction to children, how to focus our attention on what we do want, and how to empower children to use an assertive voice by modeling it for them.

Virtual Training: Amy Speidel