Virtual Training – Children’s Institute, Inc. (May)

With Bernadette Herran

An Introduction to Conscious Discipline with Infants and Toddlers: This series will introduce the viewers to the Conscious Discipline brain state model and will help identify the developmental importance of offering safety, connection, and problem solving skills to children from birth to three years old. These sessions offer an overview of the concepts of attunement, attachment, and self-regulation in the context of the adult-child relationship, and how this shapes children's lifelong social and emotional skills. The use of I Love You Rituals and a general look into Creating the School Family is offered to help ignite and motivate viewers to continue their Conscious Discipline journey.

Conscious Discipline Safety Connection and Problem Solving. The Conscious Discipline Brain State Model for infant and toddlers. Presented by Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Bernadette "Bibi" Herran