Happy Family

Happiness is a Choice YOU Make

“Happiness is a choice,” is a message touted by many schools of positive thought. As a parent, who is sometimes desperate to feel happy especially when bills are due,...

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Cheering Crowd

Teach and Parent Like An Olympian

Every four years in February, the world comes together to cheer and be inspired by the winter athletes who’ve made it to the ultimate global stage. We shout for...

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Emotions on chalkboard

How Do Children Develop Emotional Health?

If I pass you on the street and ask, “How are you,” what might be your likely response? “Fine,” “good,” and “okay” are common. If you and I know...

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Kids Playing Doctor

Put a Doctor’s Kit on Your Gift List

Gift lists are endless, filled with this gadget and that “must-have” toy. If you’re looking for something to fill out your gift list, here is an unlikely solution I...

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Steady Growth and Paying it Forward at Green Valley Elementary

(NOVEMBER 2017)  Green Valley Elementary is using Conscious Discipline to steadily increase its state scores, decrease problem behavior, increase social-emotional skills and pay it forward within their community. Three years...

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Think “Name, Verb, Paint,” Instead of “Don’t”

Pretend with me for a moment: You just purchased a new riding toy for your child. It requires assembly. You pull out all of the pieces and find the...

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woman holding heart

A Heart of Compassion

Compassion is the heart of Conscious Discipline. A necessary step to compassion is learning to use the Skill of Composure to manage your upset when life isn’t going your...

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Playing with building blocks

The Power of Connection

Safety and connection integrate the brain and allow us to access our brilliance. For many parents, providing safety comes naturally. For obvious reasons, providing food and shelter are first...

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Walking to school

El Proceso de Adaptación al Jardín

El proceso de adaptación al jardín es un proceso difícil tanto para los niños como para los padres. Los niños nacen pensando que ellos son uno solo con la...

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