Chapter 7: Choices - Conscious Discipline
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Chapter 7: Choices

Internally motivated choices bathe the brain in helpful chemicals that foster an optimistic “I can” attitude, increase compliance, enhance decision-making and focus attention.

Choices Summary

Power: Free Will: The only person you can make change is yourself.
Becoming Brain Smart: Choices motivate from within, improve goal-achievement and facilitate self-regulation.
Skill: Two positive choices, reframing blame, Parroting technique, Who is the boss of you?
School Family: Visual Rules
Power of Free Will
Brain Breaks
Activity to Create Two Positive Choices

Sample Answers:

Nathan, you have a choice! You may eat your pizza or drink your drink. What is better for you? Way to go, you decided to drink your drink.

Meredith, you have a choice! You may put the eraser cover on the board and listen or you may put the eraser cover on the board and sit quietly on your hands. What is better for you? Good for you! You chose to sit on your hands.

Cameron, you have a choice! You can work on math problems 1-3 or raise your hand for help. What is better for you? You chose to raise your hand for help so you can understand fractions better. Good for you!

Remember: There are NO RIGHT ANSWERS, just a focus on two positive actions that achieve your desired outcome.

Video Demonstrations:

Autistic Child Successfully Navigates Choices With Help
Visual Reminders
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